Expressly Written provides content writing to businesses, Homeowners Associations (HOA’s), and individual clients. We deliver fresh website text for new or existing websites, and expertly written newsletters, flyers, brochures, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, press releases, and other essential writing content. We also partner with technical experts to design a custom website for you, working with them throughout the design process, while creating detailed content to complete your project. Our graphic design partners can create custom newsletter or brochure templates, and we can assist with printing and mailing your writing products. We do all of this – expressly for you!

Our Services

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We provide clear and engaging content for your new or existing website.


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We create a custom template and write articles on topics you want to share with your readers.


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We craft high-quality flyers, brochures, press releases, Facebook posts, and more.




The Purpose of Content in 5 Easy Questions

– by Kim Ruiz | September 7, 2016

Your audience – pretty simple, right? Make sure you really know who they are. Not only current customers but also potential customers who are different f...

I am Leaving Image
I’m Leaving Because You Don’t Respond

– by Kim Ruiz | August 7, 2016

You’ve got 12 things to do before dinner time and 20 minutes to get them all done. In short, sporadic 3-5 minute increments…while standing in line for lu...

To Hire or Not To Hire
To Hire or Not To Hire?

– by Kim Ruiz | July 7, 2016

This is the time of year when some companies are hiring seasonal workers. The increased work load simply demands that more people are needed to meet custome...

Growing at the Pace of YOU
Growing at the Pace of YOU

– by Kim Ruiz | June 7, 2016

Recently a casual business relationship began to grow when business referrals led me to new clients with exciting projects. The business partner was willing...